Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mission Decsion

Oh dear, where to even begin with this story. Maybe I'll start with saying that as a kid, whenever we would get big white envelopes in the mail box, I would joke that it was my mission call. I've always wanted to serve a mission, but I always thought I would be married or too involved in school to go. What a shock when I realized that with this age change, my desires could be fulfilled. I can't deny that my decision to go may not have been 100% pure desire. I was dating a young man who was preparing to serve a mission last summer. He left on my birthday last year. I kept telling my mom that if it was possible I would serve a mission at the same time he was so we could grow spiritually at the same time. Little did I know that my answer and future would be flipped 180 degrees with on sentence. I was sitting in Rexburg in an apartment with friends from the Distinguished Young Women program. One of the girls mom called and told us what had just been announced. My heart beat so fast, and my stomach dropped. In all honesty, I knew that this was my answer. As stupid as my desire had been to serve while my boyfriend was out, I still knew that this was something I should do. In the midst of this, one of my favorite teachers text me and said, "you could be a missionary in a year." His words went straight to my heart and started it on fire. Of course, I couldn't make the decision in one day, but I knew that the seed was planted and I would have to come to a decision. The whole day I was on fire with a passion and desire to serve. It could have been the shock or the spiritual witness that these times are the times where the work is being hastened to prepare this world for the coming of our Lord, but either way, it was an incredible feeling the buoyed me up and influenced me to find out whether or not I was to serve. I don't quite remember much of the next couple days, but I know that my parents both supported me. One night I decided to sit down and read my patriarchal blessing. Phrases and words popped out at me and warmed my heart. Slowly my heart turned from wanting to pass the time away from my boyfriend to feeling this immense desire to serve and love the people of my Savior and to give them the opportunity to come to know Him like I have been able too. I have been given promises to fulfill and I know that serving a mission is one of the way I can do this. In the midst of preparing and filling out my paper work, the spirit told me it was time to reclaim my heart and use it in its full strength to serve the people of God. I wrote my missionary a letter explaining the way the spirit was guiding me and what I needed to do. I know the hand of the Lord was in this because he took it well and supportively. My journey is just barely starting and I am so looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for me. My mission papers will be submitted on April 17. I can't believe how far I've come in just the 6 months since the announcement to change the age of missionaries, but I can tell you that I know that I am a better, stronger, braver, and more faithful woman than I was before. I am so grateful and excited for this new chapter in my life.

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