Monday, April 22, 2013

Excitement :D

Ahhhh!!! :) I can't believe it! My stake president sent my papers into Salt Lake on Wednesday. This moment is seriously surreal. I can't believe that they have finally been submitted and that I will be receiving a mission call. What a glorious and beautiful moment. I can't describe to you the peace and the spirit that warms my heart. Fast forward now to Monday. I had the day off of work so I decided to go in and sit through a seminary class because 1) my Stake President is a seminary teacher and 2) I definitely could use some spiritual uplifting. So I got there early and my Stake Pres. says, "Should we see where your papers are?" Of course I said yes. So we are sitting there looking at the screen and he notices that there are no papers at Church Headquarters. I kind of start to freak. Turns out that my call was assigned last Friday (two days after they were submitted) and so my call should be here THIS WEEK!! WHAT. Yeah I am so freaking excited. I was totally planning on waiting another week, but this ROCKS. So that is all :)

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